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Literature for publishing houses

Jenny McLachlan

Flirty Dancing

OT: Flirty Dancing

Bea Hogg is shy but loves dancing. When the national dance competition Starwars comes to her town, she has to decide – can she be as fierce on the outside as she is on the inside? And can she deal with having her crush Ollie Matthews as her jive partner, even though he seems to be the boyfriend of the meanest girl in school?

Mona Risk

Richtig falsch geträumt

OT: Right Man, Wrong Name

Mary-Beth is about to marry her fiancé when suddenly Dr. Yves Malroux starts making appearances in her dreams again. Determined to get him out of her system, she flies to France for his summer surgery program. Will Mary-Beth be able to confront her feelings, and can Yves overcome his fear of commitment?

Amy Harmon

Unendlich Wir

OT: Infinity + One

Bonnie Rae Shelby is a superstar, Finn Clyde a convicted criminal with a passion for math. They have nothing in common, yet when he talks her off a bridge one night in Boston, they embark on a crazy road trip across the country that will change their lives forever.

Terri Reid

Alte Geheimnisse

OT: Loose Ends

Mary O'Reilly can see ghosts – quite helpful, given that she's a private investigator. But although her clients may be from out of this world, the danger of her work is very real. Too bad the new, attractive Chief of Police doesn't believe in her ability at all – until he gets drawn into her case and becomes a target himself.

Mona Risk

Babys inklusive

OT: Babies in the Bargain

Dr. Holly Collier has only one year of medical training left and is absolutely determined to allow nothing to interrupt her career. When Dr. Marc Suarez, the man she used to love, suddenly becomes a father to his orphaned preemie nephew, she can't help but step up. Can the baby help them grow into a family?

Denise Grover Swank

Achtundzwanzigeinhalb Wünsche

OT: Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes

Rose has a vision of herself getting murdered, but her Momma ends up dead instead. With a murderer on the loose, Rose makes a bucket list – twenty-eight things she wants to do before she dies. But then someone else gets murdered, and her neighbor Joe seems to have plenty of secrets, too…

Liz Czukas

Kopf, Zahl oder Liebe

OT: Ask Again Later

Despite what her name suggests, Heart has zero interest in romance. That's why she wants to attend prom with a group of friends instead of a date. When she receives surprise invitations from two guys, she flips a coin to decide and the craziest night of her life begins.

Amy Harmon

Vor uns das Leben

OT: Making Faces

Fern, Ambrose and Bailey have been friends forever, but when Ambrose returns from the war, everything has changed. A story of loss and love, a modern tale of Beauty and the Beast, where we discover there's a bit of beauty and a bit of beast in all of us.

Lee Goldberg

Sieh mich sterben

OT: Watch Me Die

Harvey Mapes is a security guard who dreams of being a tough, successful private eye. When one of the home owners in his gated community offers him a case, Harvey happily jumps at the opportunity. But he soon discovers that the difference between reality and fiction can be deadly.

Literature for Selfpublishers

Jana DeLeon

Tod im Tümpel

She's been in Sinful for all of three weeks, but once again Fortune is faced with a murder investigation. When her friend Ida Belle is accused of murdering her political opponent, Fortune needs to find the real killer. Fast.

Debra Clopton

Ein Cowgirl für Rafe

Rafe Masterson's life changes forever when he discovers a huge pink bunny on the roadside. Helping a lady in need is his top-priority but then he's starting to fall for Sadie. Will they have a future?

Denise Grover Swank

Neunundzwanzigeinhalb Gründe

OT: Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons

Rose gets picked for jury duty and realizes that the vision she had earlier in the men's restroom proves the defendant is innocent. Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing she can do about it – or is there?

Denise Grover Swank

Der Zufallsbräutigam

OT: The Substitute

Megan Vandemeer is flying home for her wedding that won't take place – because she broke up with her financé weeks ago but didn't dare tell her mother. When she meets nice, handsome Josh McMillan on the plane, one misunderstanding leads to another, and suddenly Megan finds herself in the midst of wedding preparations with a completely new groom. Wedding chaos at its best.

Debra Clopton

Ein Cowboy für Maddie

OT: Her Mule Hollow Cowboy

Maddie Rose has never belonged anywhere, but now she's inherited part of the fabulous New Horizon Ranch – along with her partners, four wonderful cowboys. When Cliff Masterson comes to visit his brother on the ranch, the fierce cowgirl captures his heart. Will Maddie be brave enough to give him a chance?

Jana DeLeon

Mordsmäßig schön

OT: Lethal Bayou Beauty

CIA-Agent Fortune Redding is still hiding out in Sinful, Louisiana, when Pansy Arceneaux, a wannabe Hollywood star and royal pain-in-the butt, gets murdered. Since Fortune was the last one to fight with her, she quickly becomes the main suspect. Can she find the real killer before her cover is blown?

Miscellaneous Publications

Andrew Biel

Trail Guide Anatomie – Anatomie praktisch begreifen

OT: Trail Guide to the Body

A beautifully illustrated book for learning how to palpate the musculosceletal system, and a great help for mastering the essential manual therapy skills.

Cheung Allen

Schneller Rad fahren – Wissenschaft im Training erfolgreich umsetzen

OT: Cutting Edge Cycling

An evidence-based approach to cycling science and training to help maximize results for advanced cyclists and create a common skill-set for both coach and athlete.

Karsai Raulin

Lasertherapie der Haut

Translation of chapters 4, 7-10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18-20, 22, 23

Medicine Matters

Translation of medical texts for »Medicine Matters«